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– Flower Bouquets –


Floral Source:

Our merchandising team’s daily task is to select the best seasonal flowers from all over the world such as Netherlands, South America, Africa, Kenya, etc. You can find America’s roses, Netherlands’ hydrangeas and lilies and so on in our floral compositions.


Products include:

– Rose, 12/24/36/99 stalks to choose from; red, purple, pink and ocean blue.

– Hydrangea, mainly in white, blue, green, pink and purple, with the floral compositions of other flowers in different colour tones and green leaves designed by our florists.

– Lily, beside the classic composition, we also create innovative compositions with the introduction of dual-torus-lilies imported from Netherlands.

– Mixed composition, our florists make use of assorted flowers and leaves with different textures to create numerous floral compositions with various shapes and layers.

– Personal composition, we can do the flower arrangements according to customers’ preferences and budgets.