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People show care and love to someone important in different festivals by sharing time and giving gifts. Flowers for lovely mothers, wine for super dads, delicious chocolates for sweet partners. These gifts always remind us we are in someone’s mind.


Among the festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival seems like the one belongs to everybody. We can share love to families, relatives, friends, and partners, but also workmates and clients. Whether you are able to spend quality time with the one you love, giving gift is such an easy way to show care and sincerity.


Mandarin Florist provides fabulous selection of gift boxes and hampers to you. We use a customized wooden gift box with designed gift tag and dried flower accessories. Other than ordinary gift boxes, our florist designs a flower fruit gift set with premium fruit options, different species of seasonal flowers can be chosen. As long as enjoying the fresh fruits, the unique flower box set can be individually placed for decoration. Enjoying the moon and the flower simultaneously would be such a good time in this special occasion.


When you choose a traditional one, can you imagine how excited to open the gift box layer by layer, with rich food and beverage come into view? Only problem you encounter is how to select the one you love the most from those series of attractive gift sets. Our gift boxes include:


  1. Seasonal Fresh Fruit

We collect variety of fruit species for our fruit gift boxes and all seasonal fresh fruits are imported from Japan and oversea. Melon, kirin fruit, kyoho grape, peach, apple, blueberry, gold kiwifruit, mango, pear, and the one cannot be missed in this mid-autumn festival is the pomelo.


  1. High Grade Beverage Option

French wine or Moët champagne, all we want to offer you is high grade beverage to serve your loved one. For tea lovers, Florté tea will give you one of the best tasting experiences in a healthy and trendy way, with options of floral tea or fruit tea.


  1. Luxurious and Classic Chocolatier

Delicious and sweet treats seem to always be happiness catalyst. We prepare two

finest and luxurious chocolate brands for you in our gift box. Over 100 years history classic brand, ANGELINA will definitely bring the gift receiver to experience an extraordinary chocolate enjoyment. Premium GODIVA chocolate is always one of the prioritized gift options. Not only delicious, the elegant packaging on these yummy chocolates can express your care to special one.


  1. The Peninsula Mooncake

Sharing mooncake and enjoying the moon play important role in this occasion for togetherness. The Peninsula Mooncake in our gift box impresses the gift receiver with the delectable taste and exquisite packaging.


To express your care and sincerity with your special one, Mandarin Florist’s lavish and trendy gift sets are definitely your choice.


Wish you a perfect life just like the roundest moon in Mid-Autumn Day.